The Mythical Man-Month (人月神話)


by Frederick P. Brooks (Paperback)
Addison-Wesley Professional; 1st edition (August 2, 1995)

Editorial Reviews
The classic book on the human elements of software engineering. Software tools and development environments may have changed in the 21 years since the first edition of this book, but the peculiarly nonlinear economies of scale in collaborative work and the nature of individuals and groups has not changed an epsilon. If you write code or depend upon those who do, get this book as soon as possible -- from Books, your library, or anyone else. You (and/or your colleagues) will be forever grateful. Very Highest Recommendation.

From Book News, Inc.
The 20th anniversary edition of this classic collection of essays on software engineering and managing complex projects includes revised material, and new chapters condensing the author's original propositions and his views 20 years later, plus a reprint of his 1986 paper "No Silver Bullet," and his recent comments on that essay. Brooks' central argument is that large programming projects suffer different management problems from small ones due to the division of labor, and that conceptual integrity of the product is critical. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.