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Seymour R. Cray, a computer industry pioneer and the father of the supercomputer, posed with the Cray 3 supercomputer at Cray Computer Corp. company headquarters in 1994.

對程式設計人員來說,希穆爾克雷(Seymour Cray)是一位巨人。克雷極少發表演說,1976年他在科羅拉多州的國家大氣研究中心對程式設計人員發表演說,並同意演說結束後答覆詢問。只見會後整個會場突然沈寂下來,克雷在講台上站了好幾分鐘,等待程式人員提問,但沒有人發問。等到克雷離去以後,大氣研究中心電腦部負責人責備在場的程式人員:「為什麼沒有舉手發問?」經過一陣令人不安的沈默,一位程式師終於回答:「要你對上帝說話,你敢嗎?」


Cray-1, Cray's first supercomputer. Introduced in 1976, this system had a peak performance of 133 megaflops. The first system was installed at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Cray Y-MP8DIntroduced in 1988, this system was key to breaking the one gigaflop performance barrier. It has traditionally been the standard by which other supercomputers are compared.

The Supermen : The Story of Seymour Cray and the Technical Wizards Behind the Supercomputer
by Charles J. Murray

232 pages
Publisher: Wiley (January, 1997)
ISBN: 0471048852

Editorial Reviews
The story of supercomputing is only partially about technology. More than anything, it's about the gifted, brilliant, and often eccentric individuals who knew how to use that technology in new ways to do amazing things. Perhaps the most amazing of the bunch was Seymour Cray, the bureaucracy-intolerant genius with the barnstorming mind whose name has become synonymous with supercomputers. Charles Murray gives us an insightful and often thrilling and sometimes amusing look into how Cray and his genius companions took computers to new heights and humbled companies like Control Data and IBM....

Chinese Edition: 超級電腦幕後英雄

Charles J. Murray/著
譯者: 譚天
出版社: 遠流

Mingster Reviews: Fun to read, recommended.</p>

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