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Generating Video Thumbnails With FFMPEG

Check out flowplayer's - In short, ffmpeg -i [video_file] -f image2 -vframes 1 [output_image].jpg For example,ffmpeg -ss 12 -i -f image2 -vframes 1 flowplayer-12.jpg

Finding video/ image file info

In ffmpeg, you can determine video or image file info: ffmpeg -i my_video_filename Another option is exiftool tool. 1. Install on RHELyum install perl-Image-ExifTool.noarch**you need to have rpmforge repository installed....

Install Google Chrome on RHEL

This howto explains howto install Google Chrome Web browser on Fedora 14, Fedora 13, Fedora 12 and Red Hat 6 (RHEL 6). Best way to install and keep up-to-date with...

Fix backspace/delete when ssh'ing into Linux machines

the solution is very simple now-the-day. Just go to Terminal's preference, settings, advanced, and check the "Delete sends Ctrl-H". There's no need to modify .tcshrc what so ever..

CentOS - trac 0.12 / SVN 1.6 install

good reference here:

Mac: Print screen key

Windows 鍵 Mac 鍵 用途 Alt Option 輸入特殊字元,如 é。 Control Command (⌘) 執行動作或快速鍵。例如,按下 ⌘ + S,通常會儲存文件或檔案。 Num Lock Num Lock</p> Shift + Clear 在某些應用程式中,控制是否按下數字鍵盤的按鍵來輸入數字或移動游標。 Scoll Lock Control + F14 在某些應用程式中,控制是否按下方向鍵來移動游標或在視窗中捲視。...

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