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Verizon Getting Closer To Blending TV With Web

Verizon Getting Closer To Blending TV With Web Verizon plans to open up its cable TV boxes to outside developers, just like Apple did with its iPhone. This is an...

網際網路互連費(Taiwan) 還會降

‧聯合新聞網 2009/07/16中華電信與台灣大哥大的網際網路互連費用爭議,國家通訊傳播委員會(NCC)昨(15)日表示,公告新牌價為每Mbps1,480元,且用愈多愈便宜,將有大量使用折扣表,若以業者平均1,800元來說,將便宜三成左右。 但這個價格對於新進固網業者要求的每M為300元至500元的理想價格,實在是差很大。新進固網業者說,只能「含淚接受」,希望主管機關-NCC能從長遠的產業政策來看,進一步修改不合時宜的法令,建立業者間的合理互連機制。 業者間的牌價將降低,NCC昨日並指出,ADSL電路費實施價格管制方案,三年降價期限將在明年4月截止,NCC正檢討費率中,據NCC高層指出,明年「應該會再調降」,且NCC將實施最低保證頻寬,保障消費者權益。 【經濟日報╱記者余麗姿/台北報導】

CentOS - Install latest PHP (5.2.x) from Remi repository

A few app requires PHP 5.2.x but major repositories is yet support anything higher than 5.1.6 at this time. Recompile PHP is a pain also. Remi maintains a repository that...

Recover a disk failure for LVM (CentOS)

I've put together old hardware pieces at home for a download & file sharing box. It got 4 old disks (30G, 250G, 500G, 80G) together. Knowing that disks will out...

win2k8 workstation - Disabling Internet Explorer Enhanced Security using registry

To turn off Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration, you can remove the IEHarden registry entry from the user account profile. To do this, follow these steps: 1. run Regedit.exe. 2....

How to sync an iPhone with two (or more) Computers

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