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Andriod Emulator ERROR: could not find virtual device name: xxx

If you get this error, it's because your windows user home directory is changed. Fix the error by adding a environment variable named ANDROID_SDK_HOME, and set the value to, for...

Linux: Find and remove files recursively

find . -type f -name "*.log" -exec rm -f {} \; Remember to switch to the directory you're working on..

MacBook Pro - Very Poor Volume Output FIXED!

If your bootcamp windows is having very poor volume output on 2009 unibody MacBook Pro, here's the solution: Thank you, Henry. I follow the instruction below, plus a reboot,...

Linux & NTFS

from tools exist that support NTFS in Linux: Linux kernel driver The Linux kernel has long included an NTFS driver. In the distant past, this driver supported a reliable...

Google DNS IP

no joke, this is it:

ssh via apache deamon user

Scenario: You have a web script (php, ruby, python, or so) that need to ssh over a remote machine to do stuff. How you do set up ssh key for...

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