Drag & Drop, Sorting, In-place Edit using JavaScript


click to play the MacOS 8AJAX and Web 2.0 is the hottest technical jargon this year (2007). All the sudden everyone has to talk about community building and develop those dynamic scripting effort.

In fact, back at 10 years ago (1997) Desktop.com had the vision and actually build up a business for what Google app is trying to do today. Back at the time some people from the North think it's crazy and useless for fat desktop-like applications to run on the web.

Well, those people might be 50% correct, desktop.com is no longer in business and you can only see it at web archive (the original desktop.com Web OS); however the same old techiques (now can be called AJAX), isn't a joke anymore.

As I bring back my old little Mac Kernel back to life, it is still works like a champ in FireFox and IE 7. Allow popup window for the moment and click the image above to bring some of your good old memory back...

I did it for fun and learning back at 199x. It's advanced JavaScript then and now. It were a mod from someone from German (sorry, no longer has your name to credit you). And Yes, the work is almost 10 years old and is still way cool.

Here's another old school and yet still in good hand piece: "ToolMan DHTML Library". The small yet snippy JavaScript allow you to create Drag & Drop, Sorting, Edit in Place. Best of all, it's old :)

Thanks Tim for showing off the work.