Book Review: Kotler on Marketing

Kotler on Marketing : How to Create, Win, and Dominate Markets
by Philip Kotler

Kotler is the maestro in marketing. In fact, he is one of first fews who gave the "new profession" a clear defintion and objectives.

The organization and prose of the book make it an enjoyable read, not at all academic and stuffy. Many MBA Marketing Strategy courses are using it as text, and it is comprehensive and insightful as to the new challenges of marketing.

The book is organized into four parts:

Part One: Strategic Marketing - including sections on building profitable businesses through world-class marketing; using marketing to understand, create, communicate and deliver value; identifying market opportunities and developing targeted value offerings; developing value propositions and building brand equity.

Part Two: Tactical Marketing - developing and using market intelligence; designing the marketing mix; acquiring, retaining and growing customers; designing and delivering more customer value.

Part Three: Administrative Marketing - planning and organizing for more effective marketing; evaluating and controlling marketing performance.

Part Four: Transformational Marketing - adapting to the new age of electronic marketing.

Whether you read the book from cover to cover, or add it to your reference library and just read specific sections, you will find it full of useful theories, practical advice and many current examples.

update: 1/11/2004
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