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Raspberry Pi = Plex + NAS server

update: So far the Raspberry Pi 3 is not powerful enough for me.  It takes several minutes for a movie to start streaming a mp4 file to ATV in the...

Phidgets 1048 on OSX

update: 2017/07/05 After update macos to high sierra, phigets driver needs to be reinstalled. With latest version of Roastmaster, you can use latest Phigets driver. I got the Phidgets 1048...

Aeropress 愛樂壓 創辦人演講

[youtube=] 重點: the longer you brew, the bitter it get. 泡越久就越苦。 水溫:中焙或深焙:175℉ (80℃);淺焙:185℉ (85℃)。 咖啡粉刻度:粗細依個人喜好(可細到expresso,或一般手沖刻度),建議espresso刻度或fine-drip。 水量:兩匙咖咖,沖到刻度二。 攪拌:count to 20,大約10秒。 不建議水加滿,會太苦。 aeropress咖啡冠軍得主大部分用正向沖法,不用inverted method 他是喝深焙的。 最後來看一下2014 Aeropress冠軍: [youtube=]

El Capitan & Homebrew

El Capitan just released. And surely we need to take care the upgrade for Homebrew. Check this out if you're not familiar with it. Here's the upgrade steps: update xcode...

OSX Yosemite, NTFS Read & Write

Upgrade to Yosemite will break NTFS R&W. Here's how to redo it: Requirement brew brew cask if you don't know or don't have brew, check this out: dotfiles Installation 1....


測線器,一個發射端,一個接收端,上面8顆燈號 發射端會依序打出信號 1~8號燈,然後看接收器 1~8號燈 有沒有亮。 沒亮 = 線材中間斷蕊 亮的燈號順序不對 = 壓頭蕊線顏色排列錯誤,重壓 Reference:

美國-信用風險利差 高收益債
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