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Linux & NTFS

from tools exist that support NTFS in Linux: Linux kernel driver The Linux kernel has long included an NTFS driver. In the distant past, this driver supported a reliable...

Google DNS IP

no joke, this is it:

ssh via apache deamon user

Scenario: You have a web script (php, ruby, python, or so) that need to ssh over a remote machine to do stuff. How you do set up ssh key for...

REHL: mount iso images

Below is the way to mount iso image file in REHL system: Before you start to mount your iso image, you need to ensure the folder /mnt/isoimage is available, if...

REHL: rsync setup & ssh keys

Have you ever wanted to know how to easily synchronize the data between multiple servers automatically? rsync is the anwser. And here's some note. We will use rsync, ssh key...

Compiling MySQL on Snow Leopard

Here's my version based on HiveLogic's. Reference: Set the PATHvi ~/.profile</p> # export PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/mysql/bin:$PATH" source ~/.profile</code> Download the source

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