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Mastering the VI editor

Good basic - PDF version here

iPhone: Internet Tethering option is gone!?

If it happens to you, on the phone, navigate to, follow the instruction to reinstall carrier profile. This works 3G, 3GS, OS version 3.1 or up, no need to...

Google Testing TV Internet Search

The experiment could determine whether TV viewers would favor Web-like searches over the use of remote control searches. By W. David GardnerInformationWeekMarch 10, 2010 11:00 PM Google and Dish Network...

Andriod Emulator ERROR: could not find virtual device name: xxx

If you get this error, it's because your windows user home directory is changed. Fix the error by adding a environment variable named ANDROID_SDK_HOME, and set the value to, for...

Linux: Find and remove files recursively

find . -type f -name "*.log" -exec rm -f {} \; Remember to switch to the directory you're working on..

MacBook Pro - Very Poor Volume Output FIXED!

If your bootcamp windows is having very poor volume output on 2009 unibody MacBook Pro, here's the solution: Thank you, Henry. I follow the instruction below, plus a reboot,...

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